Community Learning Champions

    The inspireLearning consortium has come together to provide a consistent approach to the Learning Champions initiative across the city of Liverpool, whilst retaining the local strengths of its individual members.


    The consortium consists of the following organisations, each of which is delivering the programme in its respective city area:

    Shared Partner Responsibility (East Liverpool)
    Alt Valley Community Trust (Alt Valley)
    Granby Toxteth Development Trust (South Central)
    Everton Development Trust (City & North)
    Speke Training & Education Centre (South Liverpool)

    Are you a people person?  Do you enjoy supporting others?  Do you know your community really well?  Would you like to work in your community?

    The Community

    Learning Champions is a national programme being launched in Liverpool as inspireLearning.
    The aim is to enable you to apply your local knowledge and contacts in order to help your friends and neighbours become involved in any learning of their choice (football referee courses, dance classes, cookery classes etc)

    To help you do this we will provide you with free training with national accreditation,
    and support
    you to work with local charities, community groups, colleges and learning providers.

    We will also support you to make the most of your own learning by considering other types of jobs
    such as Teaching Assistants, Guidance Work or wider roles in Community or Charity Work.

    xpenses for travel and lunches will be available if Learning Champions are on benefits.

    Do you need qualifications to join?  No – but experience of some learning would be an advantage.

    Do you need to live in the area?  Yes – it is important that you are part of your community whether this is Speke Garston, Belle Vale area or some other defined neighbourhoods in South Liverpool.

    So over to you…..

    Are you passionate about your community?

    Are you passionate about helping people?

    Could you Inspire Learning in South Liverpool?

    Give it some thought – most importantly you could Inspire You!

    Not from South Liverpool?  Don't worry, there are opportunities throughout the city through our partners listed above.  Their websites are detailed on the links page.